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10/07/2011 5:44am,
Hey all,
I currently go to a boxing gym run by a community centre three times a week, two hours each session. There are only two to eight people (including me) in the class on most days so it is almost like having a semi-private or private lesson with the coach. Membership, including access to a gym with a set of full weights equipment (which I use occasionally), is $35 a month. The coach offers decent tuition but is definitely not world title material. Likewise, the guys in the gym do not have much of an ego and three of them compete in amateur matches (no professionals in the gym) but I am the only female- meaning that the guys (especially the ones that are more than half a head taller than me) often have to hold back during sparring.
I found another option which offers full gym facilities as well (actually they have showers too!). It is a world-class MMA gym run by two UFC fighters (Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sinosic) and offers MMA, BJJ and Muay Thai. It costs $80 to unlimited training there and I am planning on going four days, three hours each time. There are also some girls there which might mean that I get to spar more realistically. It takes around 20 minutes to get to the gym one way which is 10 minutes longer than going to the boxing gym.
I am in my last year of high schooling and I have only been doing a form of combat sport (aka martial art which trains in a realistic manner for the last three months. If self-defence along as well as to do some competition is my goal for learning martial art- do you think it is worthwhile of me to make the jump?

The Juggernoob
10/07/2011 5:53am,
You near Liverpool? The Sinosic Perosh place is widely considered to be one of the best gyms in Aus. If you can go there, you should go there.

10/07/2011 6:01am,
Nah, I was planning to go to the Concord centre since Liverpool is like 45 minutes away one way...

Out of curiousity, do you train there?

The Juggernoob
10/07/2011 6:05am,
Nope, im literally the other side of the earth. But Sinosic and Perosh are world class coaches, I wish I had that kind of training available.

10/07/2011 11:57am,
It sounds like you've already, at least subconsciously, made your mind up and just seeking approval. I'm basing that on all the positive aspects that you've already listed.

TBH, if you can afford it go for it. It sounds good, 3 different arts, other females to spar more realistically, etc... If you can't then don't.

10/07/2011 12:23pm,
Is that SPMA? Danno and Greathight from our board go there.

It is supposed to be good.

Anyway I gave him a pm so hopefully he can give you the run down.

10/07/2011 8:23pm,
Is that SPMA? Danno and Greathight from our board go there.

It is supposed to be good.

Anyway I gave him a pm so hopefully he can give you the run down.

Yes it is (I am thinking that SPMA is the abbreviation for Sinosic Perosh Martial Arts). Could he? :)

10/07/2011 9:22pm,
you rang?

the "main" gym is at concord, the one in liverpool is run by sinosic's brother paul who was promoted to black belt last year. but sinosic and perosh both teach down there regularly.

in australia it's extremely rare to have UFC veterans as instructors, let alone 2 in the same gym.

especially since anthony's recent UFC fights the beginners classes have become a lot larger, so sometimes there isn't much room. they're considering moving to a larger location because of this. you might miss the smaller classes and the attention you get at your current place. you can pay extra for private classes and they're worth it. there are sessions in the morning which usually have a lot less people, and the more advanced classes are smaller too. extra classes are run for competitors to help them prepare for comps. MMA has the smallest number of people, and they train hard.

the only reasons to stay at the old place is if you can't afford to pay for training at SPMA and/or the distance is too far. the gods of combat compel you to train there.

btw, concord doesn't have a shower unless they've changed stuff since i last visited about 2 months ago.

i moved a couple of hours south from sydney at the end of last year, and since then i've been teaching BJJ as an SPMA affiliate here:


the "bosses" come down to run our gradings.

10/07/2011 9:47pm,
Thank you so much! You pretty much covered all that I want to ask :)

If you don't mind me asking- what is the price for pure BJJ? I went to a trial mma session earlier this morning and it was gorgeous. However, they still won't tell me the pricing for anything that is not mma. I found out the unlimited cost for a student out of a poster on sherdog earlier and I realize now that I may not able to make muay thai (9pm) lessons afterall :P

Also, by large class...how many people are you talking about? Also, how many instructors normally lead a class?

Thank you once again!

10/07/2011 11:17pm,
sorry, no idea about the cost of classes. i signed up years ago for unlimited classes and never changed my plan until i left town, so i don't even know if it costs the same as when i was training there.

the most people i've ever seen at a beginner class is somewhere around the 80 mark. very little space to roll around. i didn't know they were getting that big for a long time because i'd been attending the intermediate/advanced classes for a few years. i saw that 80-ish student class shortly after anthony fought in the UFC in australia and there was an influx of new students, it was one of the biggest ever. not sure what they're averaging at the moment.

the number of instructors per class depends on who is around. sometimes you'll have an instructor, plus a couple of other black belts floating around who you can ask questions and may assist with teaching. sometimes it's just one instructor.

it's unfortunate they won't tell you the prices. business thing i guess.

10/10/2011 4:58am,
wow holy ****! EIGHTY IN A CLASS? :P

10/10/2011 7:07am,
most classes i attended over the years i trained there were around 20 or less, to put that in perspective.