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10/03/2011 7:48pm,
I have the opportunity, and the type of work schedule that will allow me to train 3-4 days a week, and one week a month, 6 days (that week) if I so desired. I don't want to, or need to for that matter, give up weight training even though I get a Hell of a work out in class alone. Seems an hour and a half class easily turns into 2 -2.5 hrs if there are no other classes afterwards. People get to rolling around, and time flies by.

Anyway, for those of you with the same opportunity to train a lot and still weight train, how do you fit it in? I'd try the iron man thing and lift after class, but I'll be honest, I'm slap worn out at the end of class.

I guess I could have posed this Q in the fitness forum, but it seemed like a noob thread, so I figured I'd just post it here and see what happens.

Also... any of you folks ever start out too hot and heavy and end up burning out? I mean for $50 a month for unlimited classes, I wanna use the Hell out of it, but I don't wanna burn myself out. I really have enjoyed the two classes I've been to though.

Perhaps going hard for 5-6 weeks, then taking a week off? I don't know though.

Any thoughts? Other than "just STFU and train"?

10/03/2011 9:09pm,
prolly hit the weights in the morning and only train for strength/explosiveness.

That would be my guess, I am not pro or anything. I'd stay away from split routines as well and focus more on full body workouts etc.

Other more experienced people may shed some light however.

10/03/2011 10:56pm,
When I've had classes several times a week I've alternated weight training in on the off days. Say monday, wednesday and fridays were classes, I would lift on tuesdays, thurdays and saturdays, giving myself sundays off. The one day off was enough for me but depending on your class/lifting schedule, it might not be enough.

10/04/2011 1:55am,
One of the black belts in my club keeps to this schedule - 3 days a week, and he lifts before jiu jitsu ... that way, he can't use strength during rolls. Also, he only does the complex lifts .... that is, clean and jerk, squats, bench press, dips, and pull ups (he does them with weights) - he says he never does biceps and triceps. He's been doing this for apparently the last 12 or so years, and he is ridiculously strong at 170lbs. The other day, I noted that he added the gymnasts rings to his regimen, and is able to do full body pull ups and controlled flips with them.

That said, I stopped lifting a few years into my blue belt when I realized that I was powering out of bad positions instead of using technique. But then, I never trained BJJ on days I lifted - that may have been a mistake on my part.

10/04/2011 8:08am,
I guess I see your point Baki, but I'm not training to be a pro/am fighter. I mean eventually I'll do some tourneys, but basically I just want to be a better fighter when the need arises at work, or should it ever arise outside of work. Between boxing and BJJ, I'll be getting plenty of cardio. I'm a cop though, so strength is important enough for me to not simply let that aspect of fitness go by the wayside for that long. No worries though. It only took me a few classes to figure out that trying to power through stuff for sustained periods in bjj isn't gonna cut it. One second bursts of power when appropriate is what I've been told.

I do like Figjam's idea of full body workout, which is something I go to here and there anyway. I fluctuate between split routine, and full body. I just change it up when I get bored with what I'm doing. I guess I'll just have to decrease the frequency of said lifting. Maybe down to 2 days allowing for at least one day off to do nothing, to drink beer, and eat junk.

10/04/2011 8:11am,
I really guess this thread should be moved to PT, diet and health. Not sure how to do that though, or if I even rate doing such.

10/04/2011 8:48am,
I really guess this thread should be moved to PT, diet and health. Not sure how to do that though, or even rate doing such.
It's fine here. If you're going to lift on days you train, common wisdom advocates doing so before BJJ for the reason weechey listed.

Do not listen to bakithegrappler. It's clear he didn't read and understand your original post.

The Juggernoob
10/04/2011 8:49am,
Dude disregard anything Baki says. He really isnt qualified to be giving you advice.

Neither am I to be honest, but here's what I do. Ive gone from powerlifting and compounds to very little weight training. Most doing bodyweight stuff and plyometrics. Have picking up a set of Clubbells (Metal indian clubs) and kettlebells to improve my dynamic strength.

Since I really got into groundwork ive realised how important functional and flexible strength is as opposed to conventional brawn.

Oh and core strength is your friend, if you neglect core workouts you wont last long in anything.

10/04/2011 9:47am,
Sounds good. I'll try lifting before class on my next set of off days. I get 7 days off in a row once a month doing this swing shift work. I'm days one week, nights the next. About all I can do on my nights is lift, but that's only 7 nights out of the month, the rest are off days and 7 day shifts..

10/05/2011 10:10am,
I'd urge you to weight train only if you aren't missing grappling opportunities. I'm not a huge fan of white belts strength training in lieu of rolling because more strength is not typically what they need to be better grapplers.

10/05/2011 2:26pm,
Oh no. I'm gonna be in class 3-4 days a week or more on certain weeks. I won't be lifting instead of going to class though. I'm just trying to maintain strength.

I'm in the Chamblee area Shark. I assume you've heard of it (near Doraville), we've got our fair share of crackheads, drunks, and tweekers being so close to Atlanta. Sometimes sustained use of power is necessary to hold on to these guys, girls even. They don't respond a lot of the times to pain compliance, and maiming (such as techniques in bjj, cause they will not tap out) or beating them silly is frowned upon now days. Except of course in a life and death situation. I just want to maintain really.

I'm enjoying training enough that I'll be there every chance I get. Even last night. We had a guest instructor from Brazil. His name was Breda (sp?) I think. He was showing us diff techniques which I can only describe as being somewhat acrobatic. What's more... I could pull off 90% percent of them after practicing with my partner several times per technique. Even being a bigger guy. It was pretty cool stuff. I want to pace myself, but I don't wanna miss anything either.