View Full Version : Van Damme plays ex-mercenary in Six Bullets

10/01/2011 12:22pm,
Who the hell writes these scripts?

10/01/2011 12:38pm,
Who the hell writes these scripts?


See number 5

10/01/2011 1:02pm,
I was gonna say Frank Dux.

Grey Owl
10/01/2011 1:28pm,
I once read a review of a Van Damme movie that went something like "Van Damme even wrote the script! Which he must have done with the smashed up foot he kicks most of the cast with."

Having said that I rather enjoyed the nonsense of Hard Target and Maximum Risk. I just don't know why.

Larus marinus
10/01/2011 7:32pm,
His latest film, Assassination Games is alright.

There's a scene in that where the villain has kidnapped The Girl and demands that JCVD comes in and surrenders if he wants her to live.

Then he's all like "Na. I've only known her a couple of days anyway. What sort of idiot do you take me for?" and puts the phone down.