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Chip Reves
9/20/2011 1:03pm,
Hello. I live in SW Virginia and have been training since 1981. Besides that initial TWD starter class I trained under Jerry Beasley in American Karate for about four years. After that I began training under Guru Dan Inosanto, mostly through seminars, and continue to do so. In addition I have trained in Muay Thai under Ajarn Sirisute as well as a sampling of other styles over the years. I really do not want to turn my intro into a resume so I will not go into all of the systems that I have only explored on a limited basis. I like stick work the best but train to some degree in all ranges. My grappling sucks. I have teaching certifications in FMA and Jun Fan Gung Fu under Guru Inosanto and Muay Thai under Ajarn Sirisute. I currently teach a small group of students, mostly for training partners. Martial arts will always be a part of my life however it is only one part. I have a day job as well as other interests that I engage in. With one exception a few years ago this is the first MA related forum that I have ever looked at, much less joined. I like the no nonsense approach here. I will probably read much more than I ever post but in any case it is good to be here.