View Full Version : Looking for BJJ/Judo/Kyokushin on the Gold Coast, Australia

9/18/2011 9:24pm,
Hi all, new to Bullshido.

Just wondering if anyone can post their experiences with any of the BJJ, Judo and Kyokushin Karate clubs on the Gold Coast. I'm interested in getting involved in at least one.

About me- Done 1.5 years worth of BJJ training in Japan over 12 months ago, picked up a black belt in the traditional style of Karate on offer at my dojo too (Matsubayashi-ryu). Want to get back into training as I've been out for 12 months while living elsewhere in the world!

Thanks in advance!

9/18/2011 9:41pm,
I think there is a Gracie Barra BJJ (http://www.graciebarrasp.com/) club down in Broadbeach which seems alright. There are a couple of Kyukushin (http://kyokushinkarategoldcoast.com.au/) clubs as well, though can't vouch for their proficiency. Last time I spoke to a karateka from GC (admittedly I can't recall his style) he was telling me about how some members from his club competed against some Japanese karateka recently and how they were absolutely pwned by them, to the point where the coach pulled them out for their own safety.