View Full Version : Pat Healy headed to China

9/15/2011 12:53pm,

Recently I was given the unique opportunity, along with some of my brothers at Team Quest, to go train students at the Xian Athletic University. There are supposed to be about 150 guys there. Iím interested to see what level theyíre at and how the language barrier works. I think itíll be beneficial for them but me too since Iíll have to really pay attention to every little thing I do when it comes to teaching. It should give me a chance to tighten up my game through repetition and maybe even pick up a few tricks from the stand-up work they do there.

And I canít lie Ė part of me also wonders if itís going to look like a scene out of a Bruce Lee movie with a courtyard full of fighters all doing the same technique!

Sounds like a pretty awesome opportunity! What did ya'll think about his fight against Blanco last weekend?