View Full Version : Boxing: Mayweather vs. Ortiz

Tranquil Suit
9/15/2011 3:38am,
Boxing: Mayweather vs. Ortiz

9/15/2011 4:16am,
should be great to watch...May is an extremely gifted boxer, but he is a punk-ass so i wish Ortiz will win, even though the chances are slim.

9/15/2011 4:11pm,
Ortiz has about a 1 in 100 chance of winning.
I can only hope that all PBF's legal and personal issues have caused him to lose focus and neglect his training to the point where he will be overconfident and insufficiently prepared for this fight.
But I doubt it. Floyd by majority decision.

9/16/2011 11:47am,
200/41 lol... I'm betting on Ortiz just for that.

Tranquil Suit
9/16/2011 12:11pm,
What? Is that some kind of reference?

9/16/2011 12:55pm,
The odds. I thought that was a funny figure to come up with for the odds of someone winning a fight. 200/41 lol.

Tranquil Suit
9/18/2011 5:39am,
I'm going to wait with settling the bet. The win might get overruled by a DQ.

9/18/2011 3:22pm,
I doubt it. Normaly I'd be all about Mayweather bashing for this, but Ortiz was clearly in his own world. Given that he was in such good spirit afterwards, I doubt he'll press the issue either.

Tranquil Suit
9/18/2011 3:29pm,
It's already settled.