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9/07/2011 7:34am,
Going to go talk to the folks at Diego Saraiva's gym today. It's all I can do today though. I'm on duty, so talking, and checking it out briefly is it. Gonna try to get in there tomorrow to watch them train for a bit after work.

I did a tad bit of research (on Bullshido) in ref to his legitamacy. Seems to be legit, as I searched his name, and several of you guys mentioned his matches, and predicted outcomes in UFC. I have not checked regulating organizations as suggested in the "finding a good dojo" article though.

I'm looking forward to it.

9/07/2011 8:37am,
Seems I violated rule #15. Wasn't bashing though. My bad anyway. Here's the website.

9/08/2011 10:49am,
Alrighty then. Checked out the gym. Talked to an asst. instructor. Seems to be a nice place. Open since 2009 I believe, and unlimited use/classes for L.E. for a Hell of a price. I was invited to workout with the BJJ class tonight after work.

Ummm... been a while since I've taken an ass kicking. Guess I could use one.

I was even able to confirm the owner's lineage on OTM all by my lonesome by reading old threads. I'd rather not endure the ass reaming that would be laid upon me should I ask about something that's already been discussed.

Baby steps