View Full Version : Instructor visitin the states

3/23/2004 9:38am,
I Hope to travel the the States in August.
Specifically to White Haven, PA.
will meet up with some old sensei friends of mine
Master R Nenow, Tae kwon Do
Bob Cook, Goju ryu karate
Ed Naumowicz, jujitsu
Denny Keech, wrestling
Brad hilderbrant, Koei Kan karate

we'll do a seminar, so if your in the region give us a call, and come and train you would be more than welcome. www.bkjassn.com


3/23/2004 11:33am,
If we get a specific day far enough in advance, I may have to come up to say hello. I lived in the UK in Kent back in the late 1980s. Can't say I miss it, but I met some very nice folks.

3/29/2004 12:30pm,
were organising a seminar around august 14th/ 15th
love to see you all there. we'll cover karate jitsu, eds earth dragon jujitsu, ground fightin with denny keech some aikijitsu applications and see what you guys have to offer, its going to be open to all, friendly and intense

3/31/2004 8:49am,
Sounds like fun. I'll try to pencil in those dates.

4/01/2004 5:22am,
Hi budd,
if you or any of the guys are interested you can contact me at [email protected]
or contact the mutt (Ed) at [email protected] for info.
remember its a open event and all are welcome. this isnt and advertiment, its an invitation to come an do what we all love best.
although for some i guess it comes third (after women and booze) Lol