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8/03/2011 4:13pm,
Just joined and wanted to say hello.

My focus right now is Krav Maga as I love the no nonsense approach and conditioning aspects of the system.

I also have some prior intermediate experience in Kenpo, Tiger Crane Kung Fu, and Wing Chun.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you all!

8/03/2011 4:25pm,
Which Krav school in Virginia do you go to? (I know most of them)

Also, do you plan on crosstraining in something else?

8/03/2011 7:34pm,
currently at Krav Maga Nova, so I'm crosstraining BJJ.

Will probably try to find somewhere close that offers MT after a while.

8/03/2011 8:44pm,

There probably some other schools that teach Muay Thai where you live. Good luck in whatever you pick.

8/04/2011 7:42am,
I'll check those out. Thanks for the info.

8/09/2011 5:22pm,
Enjoying Judo tremendously atm. Been sore in places I'm not used to, especially my back. I love how technical it is. I was used to throwing my weight around in most other MA's with more skilled opponents but with Judo, anybody even close to my size has been teaching me lessons left and right... and upside down lol.