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3/22/2004 1:29pm,

Sugar Ray enters 'Contender' ring
Five-time world champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard has announced he's stepping in the ring as part of NBC's boxing reality show "The Contender."

Leonard will serve as an adviser and mentor to hopeful boxing stars in the 16-episode series, Variety says.

The series is being executive produced by Sylvester Stallone, Mark Burnett and Jeffrey Katzenberg. Stallone will also be appearing on camera.

"The way Sylvester Stallone is respected as an icon who represents the greatest fictional boxing character ever created, we needed someone who could get in the ring and represent the best of this sport as an athlete," Katzenberg told Variety. "Sugar Ray's still in amazing shape, and he can really get in the ring and understand the sport."

Finalists in "The Contender" will battle in a live match with $1-million in prize money up for grabs.

3/22/2004 1:29pm,

George Foreman joins 'The Contender'
George Foreman is stepping away from the grill and getting back into the ring.

The former heavyweight champion has joined the cast of NBC's reality boxing show "The Contender," Variety reports.

Burnett told Variety that Foreman will help with the selection of the 16 would-be champs, do some advising during the training episodes, and appear in the finale.

"The role he'll play is as large as he likes and his time permits," Burnett said. "We can benefit tremendously from his knowledge and personality."

Other famous names are expected to be added to the show's cast in the coming weeks.

Finalists in "The Contender" will battle in a live match with $1-million in prize money up for grabs. (More on The Contender)

3/22/2004 1:30pm,
Come on "toughguys", a million bucks is one hell of a payout, not to mention the publicity you can get !!

3/22/2004 1:32pm,
Could make a lot more doing that show than most people who set out to be "pro" boxers I'd guess.

I'll watch it.

3/22/2004 1:38pm,
Do you already have to be a good boxer to get on the show? Or are they taking nobodies like me?

3/22/2004 2:26pm,
I think its pretty much open to all.

3/22/2004 3:48pm,
I shoulda searched! Looks like you have to at least have your own sparring gear for the "interview" So I guess they are targeting amateurs or semi-pro's.


3/22/2004 4:09pm,
Open only to the States eh?