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7/30/2011 9:34am,
Just wanted to introduce myself. Used to read this forum when I got home from Iraq and been reading it since. Amazin info here and pretty hysterical posts. Ill try not to to make an ass out of myself. Started learning bjj when i was in the Army and when i got out i got suckered into a S#%$ kung fu/ san da school and promised myself that wouldnt happen again. Since then i joined a legit bjj school up until i had some tumors removed from my leg. Iraq sucks. Finally healthy enough to train again so im back doing privates with a brown belt buddy at the bjj school i went to and actually about to start cross training at a japanese ju jutsu dojo. pretty excited to get back into it and i have to say thanks for all the posters for all the helpful info.

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7/30/2011 6:33pm,
:) Welcome