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7/29/2011 1:50pm,
Hey I wanted to know if anyone could give me any advice on these two schools. One is fight time fitness in sherman and the website is www.fighttimefitness.com (http://www.fighttimefitness.com) and the other is Texarkana BJJ and the website is www.txkbjj.com (http://www.txkbjj.com). Tell what yall guys know or think

7/30/2011 12:59am,
Just my 2 cents:

Looks like fight time fitness has some good instructors with good lineage and a wider variety of "alive" martial arts then texarkana Jiu Jitsu. The instructor at txkbjj looks surface level legit (I just googled him, I didn't dig deep to see if his claims of an Alliance bjj-lineage BB was legit).

I would say if you want to get into MMA, go with Fight Time, if you want just BJJ pick whichever is closer and (if it matters) more affordable. I found out the hard way that a long drive makes it hard to stay committed when you are tired or sore.

Others can feel free to tell me I suck and should post less.

7/30/2011 3:24am,
They are the same distance...I work four on four of so I I was going to go to one two nights a week on off days. Im kind of leaning towards fighttime because its cheaper offers more days and offers both gi and non gi. I'm not intrested in competing mma. I work corrections and plan on moving to law enforcement in a couple of years. I train boxing in my hometown also and I was training in shotokan but drama was getting started so I wanted to avoid it. Plus I didn't care for it. Thanks for reply!

7/30/2011 6:24pm,
Yah, no probs. Hopefully it was helpful.