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7/27/2011 6:59pm,
I started a webcomic called Spartan Buddha (http://www.spartanbuddha.com). It's not full of violence (yet) but the main character is kind of an asshole, so that might make up for it.


7/28/2011 8:22am,

7/28/2011 9:10am,
Its a great start!

7/28/2011 10:37am,
hey thats good ****!

7/28/2011 1:32pm,
I dont get it.

7/29/2011 2:46am,
Neither do people who make web comics.

7/29/2011 11:07am,
I get the Spartan part, but not the Buddha part. Also, many an awful webcomic is made from jamming two dissimilar things together as the title.

7/30/2011 1:43am,
What about The Walking Dead?

That's about as dissimilar as things can get.

7/31/2011 7:14pm,
good start kid, i hope you do more, im going to start to follow ur blog.

8/09/2011 3:35pm,
I'm glad you guys like it. I want do a series of strips where the Spartan Buddha answers questions from the readers. It can be anything from relationship to financial advice. Anyone interested?

Tranquil Suit
8/09/2011 3:41pm,
It's a nice effort, but out of curiosity: What experiences and qualifications have you to answer questions ranging from relationship to financial?

Or will you mostly be relying on your common sense?

8/09/2011 4:18pm,
The questions are going to be answered by the Spartan Buddha in the comic. It's like if you were to ask Batman for fashion advice or the Incredible Hulk for cooking recipes. It's for fun.

Tranquil Suit
8/09/2011 4:26pm,
Alright fair enough.

Another question: Are you planning to do a strip with long continuous story arcs, detailing a certain adventure or chain of events etc. (Like say, Conan the Barbarian) Or rather setting up some characters in a more open setting, with loose continuity and 1 hit strips and/or very short story arcs (like say Achewood) ?

8/10/2011 3:26pm,
It will actually be a combination of both. I have ideas for new characters that I want to introduce that don't fit into the main storyline. Those strips may have a different numbering system or title block so it's easier to tell the difference between the two.

8/10/2011 3:29pm,
I have ideas for new characters that I want to introduce that don't fit into the main storyline.
That thing has a storyline?

Tranquil Suit
8/10/2011 4:13pm,
Sweet morcel of advice for you: Don't spread yourself thin. I admire your effort, but I have a feeling you are going to make many characters and parallel arcs at the cost of any essence, that is depth of character or quality of story.

Try doing 20 strips with your one character first, see how that goes.