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3/22/2004 4:49am,
I do not know if this question has come into play yet but here goes.

Why the hell do McDojos charge its students for belt testing?

I know that MA instructors get their belts from distributors for cheap so a belt is not exactly made of precious material. Certificates? Any yokel with a half understanding of computers can dish out purty certificates from a 100 buck printer for virtually pennies! So I still fail to see why the hell McDojo instructors charge a decent chunk of change for something an honest student works hard for no matter what we feel for his/her discipline.

any thoughts on that?

3/22/2004 4:59am,
Quite simple - If you wouldn't pay a high price, you wouldn't think you are receiving something valuable...

There are quite a few instructors out there who are doing it rough. 3 monthly charges of 100$ per belt is an important part of their income.
( even more hilarious when you get your belt in somebodies organisation which doesn't get recognised beyong the borders of your dojo walls)

But again - Don't ask this question here, ask the instructor. You have to work for that money , so you better know how the price was made up.

3/22/2004 5:08am,
Yeah I think its bullshit too.

Belt test should equal belt cost. If it costs the instructor 10 bucks for the belt,come grading time thats all you should pay.**** pretty looking certificates.A certificate isen't gonna defend you if your are attacked nor is it going to improve your fighting abilities within a tournament. You turn up to training,you train hard and when you are good enough to learn more, you get taught more end of story.This Kyokushin place I found charges 50 bucks per grade, more for black belts. 50 bucks..**** that for Friday...its a scam.

Your already paying the instructor training fees and insurance fees which cover his time and running costs. He should be assesing you and watching you all along throughout your training and should know when you are good enough to progress.He should be assesing you as an ongoing thing not just for 2 hours on 'grading day'.

3/22/2004 5:18am,
Well my instructor does not charge a dime for testing wich is a good sign of my instruction and no contracts wich means more beer fer me. But I have experienced this before a while back and this is the first time I have posed this question just for the feedback and not expose the some McDojo conspiracy.

That job is for a man named Snake =P

3/22/2004 5:30am,
These are costs I would accept for a grading:
10 - 15 $ for administrative tasks ( if it means that you get belt recognised by a world wide organisation/ your name is on an registry)
25 $ for visiting instructor/examiner. As long as he is the real thing. I feel a grading is alwaysworth more if your techniques not only convince you usual instructor but also somebody neutral. This will also allow a less biased approach and therefor something like a reproduceable standard.

The belt should be free - given to you by the dojo, since your good performance reflects the quality of the teaching you received.

3/22/2004 5:38am,
Question.. i've never trained in a formal dojo so i dunno this...

can u.. "not" go to grading? ie: stay a white belt until ur rdy for ur black?

3/22/2004 5:43am,
People charge for belt testing because it's a business. You have to think of all dojos as a service oriented business. Some people have better products, but what they're all after is your money. If it weren't that way all dojos would be free. However, I realize people have to make a living and have to pay the bills. I have no problems paying for belt fees as long as I'm getting quality instruction.

3/22/2004 5:52am,
Originally posted by Will
Question.. i've never trained in a formal dojo so i dunno this...

can u.. "not" go to grading? ie: stay a white belt until ur rdy for ur black?

I'm sure you can continue to wear your white belt in class even though you've passed several examinations. But I don't think you can just skip ranks without any testing at all.

3/22/2004 5:56am,
Hell a reasonible fee is fine! especially if you are not graded by your regular instructor.

3/22/2004 5:59am,
Bullshit it is. Its just a rort. Oure and simple.

3/22/2004 6:41am,
Every club I've been to has been a case of
1) Turn up for grading
2) see if you pass
3) if you pass, go out and buy whichever belt you're allowed to wear.

One club had a belt colour scheme that meant you could dye your old belt to the new colour, so you only ever needed to buy one belt.

3/22/2004 9:10am,
Our testing costs about $50USD a level...

Which personally I don't have a problem with. We always have at least two teachers at the school for testing (sometimes four or more), you get a ton of individual attention, and the tests takes anywhere from two hours, to eight hours (or more for black, but that is tested elsewhere).

So yea, for the amount of the time that they spend with us I don't have a problem with it.

3/22/2004 9:24am,
the way judo gradings work is that you go to a national grading, fight an unspecified number of fights (people your grade or higher) which you must win by ippon or waza-ari , you get ten points for a win by ippon and 7 for a win by waza-ari, when you have your required number of points you are asked to demonstrate a set syllabus of techniques and vocabulary.
THings get more complicated in the dan grades, with line-ups and kata - but the basic poutline is the same

3/22/2004 9:51am,
Originally posted by Will
Question.. i've never trained in a formal dojo so i dunno this...

can u.. "not" go to grading? ie: stay a white belt until ur rdy for ur black?

Some places find this disrespectful. But as far as I know/ think, paying for a test sucks. It should be included in the original price.

3/22/2004 9:51am,
judo 10 quid aproximately.......

3/22/2004 10:02am,
DO your instructors have to maek their living out of teaching MA or something? We only have to pay about $10USD for a grading, which is once every half year. That amount of oney is quite fair since they also make some costs of course. Furthermore your definately not required to go to each grading. In fact it's not very common I think to attend every grading to try to get promoted since you have to earn it and therefore need training to be able to show enough progress. Some people decided to not attend any gradings at all since they just want to train and learn the fighting part without kata's. If that's what you choose for that's also fine in my dojo. And finally you can get promoted by getting good tournament results.