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3/21/2004 5:39pm,
just watch


3/21/2004 5:53pm,

But yeah, that is a very funny video. I can't wait until he throws a kamehameha wave.

3/21/2004 6:02pm,
I think he made my head hurt with his psychic powers as projected through that stunning video...... I smell a law suit on the horizon!

3/21/2004 7:19pm,

Psychic powers?

That dude needs to be tea-bagged by my mighty chi-balls.

PS. I reconize one of the smiling guys laying beside the "master". He's the local Russian MA instructor. For more info on that nonsense, look for the thread "Russian Martial Arts".

3/21/2004 7:56pm,
They're doing fucking PRAT FALLS from stunt class.

*shakes with rage*

I HATE this ****. I hate it.

Am I clear enough?


One guy does a fucking forward roll with his head on the fat guy's back. Yeah, that's my IMMEDIATE response to someone turning their back to me on the ground. I forward roll over him. Not, you know, kick him in the side, or face, or take his back or something.

3/21/2004 9:37pm,
Maybe that Russian has some really kickin' B.O. or something. That would explain the magic energy shield he uses on those numbnuts in the video.

3/21/2004 9:37pm,
I figure most of those guys are in on the joke. They'll make a percentage or something.

Peter H.
3/21/2004 9:50pm,
It looks like 1st day at a bad pro wrestling school

3/21/2004 9:51pm,
Come on guys, I've been mocking that clip (and a few others) for a couple weeks now! Get with the Bullshido program! Of course you can mock it more. There is endless potential for mocking something that amazing. . .

Go here:


3/21/2004 10:01pm,
What's funny is just last Thursday, I found a school literally 1/4 mile from me that teaches Systema. I watched them kind of go at it, and seemed intersted. I then got on Bullshido and did a search for Systema, and found that video clip. I then decided it was not for me.

3/21/2004 10:33pm,
I understand the "redirecting energy" stuff, but I don't know how you're going to be able to move fast enough to make all those arm gestures in a real attack.

3/21/2004 10:50pm,
why are so many aikido masters fat? oh yeah, maybe it's because their art doesn't involve any cardiovascular exertion!

the only thing that aikido is good for is teaching people to fall down so you look good despite your shitty techniques!

3/21/2004 11:24pm,
your secret russian mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eat this bag of cheetos before it self destructs.

3/21/2004 11:35pm,
Ok, I just watched this video for the first time start to finish, last time I only got the first minute. Seriously, how the **** can these people believe this garbage? Where is this guy at? I'd want to take a crack at him, providing he doesn't confuse me with a Polish Kilbasa and try to eat me.

3/21/2004 11:42pm,
Seriously. If a Kancho in Kyokushin ever came out with a video this absurd, I would immediately **** in my gi, throw my belt on the ground, and quit Kyokushin on the spot.

3/22/2004 3:55am,
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