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7/18/2011 10:38pm,
Hey guys, did a quick search, doesn't seem to be posted yet.

Pretty disgusting footage with a brutal soccer kick to the head of a downed opponent trying to stand up.


Other copies have been taken down.

Not really sure the news on this, I tried to find some after watching it, but hasn't hit the news, as yet (that I could find).

I'm not sure of the altercation, but it appears 'Red Pants' must have done somethign pretty fucked up to get 2v1 then 4v1, half way through I forgot who was who since I had no information on why they were fighting.

Some other dude jumps in, looks like he has some MA ability, combos some kicks, maybe MT? Also a sweet flying kick that looks painful as ****. At this point someone cries out "Wrong fucking guy, man, wrong fucking guy" as he has jumped in to defend 'Red Pants' from these other assailants for what ever reason.

Thoughts, info?

7/19/2011 7:32am,
This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service..better luck next time.

7/19/2011 8:51pm,
This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube's Terms of Service..better luck next time.
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7/19/2011 9:14pm,
Chick looks like she is aiming for balls.

7/19/2011 11:07pm,
Chick looks like she is aiming for balls.

She got confused with 'Body, body, head' --> 'Balls, balls, leg'?

7/20/2011 1:19am,
Flying kick ftmfw.

Chili Pepper
7/20/2011 8:23am,
I think it's interesting that despite having four people pissed off and whaling on him, Red Pants doesn't seem to have been hurt that much. He springs to his feet and gets out of there as soon as he has a chance, before returning with a sucker punch.

Meanwhile, the guy who came to his rescue seems to have little problem putting people on the ground.

Interesting what training can do for you.

7/20/2011 2:12pm,
Yeah, red pants guy is lucky the other 4 were pusses.

7/20/2011 6:12pm,
Video mother fucker?

7/20/2011 9:21pm,
Ok, if it goes down again, Google Video Search Paramters:
- Vegas Fight
- less than 4mins
- last week or 24 hours
- Profit

2) http://rollinsd.com/there-is-nothing-like-a-vegas-fight/
3) http://www.viddler.com/explore/ssbsts/videos/33/

7/20/2011 10:54pm,
The women deserved to get ktfo too.

Snake Plissken
7/20/2011 10:58pm,
I weep for humanity

7/21/2011 7:21pm,
This is hilarious, good clean christian fun. Kick drunk ass for jebus

Matt Phillips
7/21/2011 7:51pm,
White shorts got KTFO twice