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7/18/2011 1:20am,
Hi Guys

I am a Uk'er living in HK. Background is WChun, but have recently become a convert to MThai. Have done some Aikido, a white collar boxing and BJJ before, in the process of revisiting the BJJ. Would love to learn some more Chin Na.

Always interested in meeting like minded individuals.

All the best


7/18/2011 7:58am,
Isn't white collar boxing middleclass charity-fight themed boxing?

7/18/2011 8:19pm,
Hi Volya

That is exactly what it is. You take a group of office workers and train them in boxing basics (3 monthsish). It is properly done, with a ref, MC, girls with round boards, smoke lights the whole 9 yards. The one I did was black tie with tables all round the ring in the ballroom of a large hotel.