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7/17/2011 6:56pm,
Haven't posted in a long while, saw this, and I am now posting. Enjoy http://youtu.be/bNBuMhfZrK0

7/17/2011 10:49pm,
Granted the dude posting the video is admittedly a newbie, but when it comes to pressure points i tend to agree that theyre not enough to get someone away from you that is committed to hurting you. Its not "complicated" like he says it is, just not the best way to defend against a choke that is only used on women by abusive boyfriends.
his technique sucks too.

7/18/2011 7:51am,
Drunk Fat guys on their porch at night are the best at Martial Arts

edit :

I watched some more of his stuff. He's going to get stabbed in his trailer park :( Sad, because he is kind of funny.

7/18/2011 9:09am,
Well, there were a couple of things I liked about that video. I liked how he pointed out his intermediate state at tkd and envisioned him doing many, many neat spinning kicks. I liked how he pointed out that the technique in the original video wasn't really the best way to get rid of someone choking you in a real situation. I liked how he ran out of gas from choking his boyfriend a bit. I liked how they seemed to use lighting to effectfully intensify the choke he did.

All in all, good stuff.