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7/13/2011 10:14pm,
Been a member for a while, haven't posted much. I've been lurking quite a bit recently and am pleasantly surprised to find other law enforcement guys doing the Bullshido thing.

I'm actually kind of curious to find out how many LEO Bullies are active in MMA competition. I started fighting ammy in 2008 and had my first "pro" fight August 2009. I'm also interested to hear what written or unwritten policies that some of the different agencies out there have towards officers being active fighters.

Anyhow, love the site! Bullshido has provided me with hours upon hours of not only great informational reading, but also some laughs as well! Gotta say, Omega cracks me up sometimes! Knowledgeable, funny dude with a razor sharp wit, has had me rolling around on the office floor a couple of times over the years. :)

Thanks to all the military bullies out there, I greatly appreciate your service! Also a big "hello" and thanks to all the EMS, Fire, docs, and nurses as well!