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7/10/2011 6:13pm,
I am new here and just getting back into MA training from a very long lay-off. Getting back into shape while I look for a good JKD instructor/school in my area. I am hoping to learn from from others experience here and get advice while I shop for a teacher.

I been boxing and wrestling since I could remember, and studied a bit of wing chun (very little) which led me to Bruce Lee and JKD. Studied locally a few years under a guy who claimed he was certified from the Inosanto Kali Academy but I never did see any proof of it. He had a good deal of knowledge and was trained enough to impress in my small town and I could afford it at 13, so I didn't ask many questions then.

Studied in virginia and maryland for a time mostly through seminars and such due to my work and school schedule. Attended a few from Inosanto and Vunak and their PFS /Kali Academy families. Moved back to ohio and got married then had kids and began coaching wrestling and baseball, as well as helping at the local Y with their boxing program. Now my kids are almost grown and I have the time and finances to pursue more training, and plan on making the most of it.

Consider me a beginner with a little bit of a head start. Hope to get to know some of you!