View Full Version : AUSSIE ALERT: Good quality gloves that DON'T cost through the roof?

7/10/2011 4:05am,
Looking for a pair of decent sparring gloves that are fairly priced. Since I live in Australia, brands like Reyes and Everlast bleed me dry due to postage fees and tax (i.e. my friend who is currently in Chicago got a pair of gloves which was $99... quite a good price considering the quality. The same pair I saw in a shop in my suburb the other day was priced at $239...ekkkkk)

I know brands like Punch are Australian, but I heard from people (some at this website no less) that the gloves they offered at the same price point was inferior?

Man...I am thinking of getting something around $100 to last me a good eighteen months or more...PLEASE HELP AND RECOMMEND http://www.sherdog.net/forums/sd_miscimages/smiles/icon_cheesygrin.gif

7/10/2011 4:36am,
I've always gone for "Twins" gloves. Reasonably priced and feel good-especially after a couple of weeks of wearing them in.

7/10/2011 6:44am,
What about SMAI?? i like em.

About the price range you're looking for. We get ours from Auss. My last pair were $92NZ,16 oz. Good fit,i like em,they get a good workout most sessions and my last pair went about 2ish yrs before i replaced them (i prolly should have replaced sooner,but 18 months sounds good).

. A number of ppl use them, at the gym and i haven't heard anyone complaining.