View Full Version : Asking for advice on a gym and training

6/28/2011 2:25am,
I have been training Muay Thai for a few months and enjoy it a lot. Im interested in learning grappling of some kind as well as keeping up with Muay Thai.

Do people think I should start learning to grapple so soon after starting Muay Thai? What art do you recommend I start with? I am considering training in the general grappling classes at the boxing works gym despite it being very expensive(http://www.boxingworks.com.au/sydney/1/Homeit) it says its grappling classes are based on freestyle wrestling greco-roman wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Is any one familiar with the gym? If so whats your opinion? The following are some things you might want to know before giving your opinion.

I am fairly large and I like direct form's of fighting as too much subtly often frustrates or bores me. I am also more interested staying standing in a fight but I acknowledge I need to learn to grapple even if its just so I can stay standing.

I am training for a few different reason's the following have descending levels of importance, I want to have fun and enjoy the self esteem confidence hard training in martial arts give's you, I want to be able to protect my self and loved one's in a fight or in a rough situation, I want to stay fit and healthy, Im interested in having some fight's whether its in MMA or Muay Thai or some thing I learn to enjoy later down the line but have no interest in proffesional fighting I would probably like competing in a white collar boxing/mma/muay thai event.

Thanks for reading :)