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6/24/2011 7:48pm,
Hi, I'm new to the forums & new to boxing. I've been trying to find a gym that will let me spar. The majority of people are very apprehensive when I let them know that's the main reason that I'm looking into a membership. They just want to sell a fitness program at $80 a month & take no risk in most cases.

I'm just trying to find a few people to teach me how to box, through sparring in the San Diego area. I don't think I'm some tough guy that's going to start beating people up, nor do I want to get punched to death on day one.

Please respond here or PM if you can help & thanks!

6/25/2011 12:17am,
What area of San Diego? I have a friend who is a professional boxer, I can probably get you into his gym for about $35 a month, and if you're good they'll find you fights.

I'm speaking of the Imperial Beach area, but most respectable boxing gyms are actually dirt cheap (or free if they sponsor you as a fighter).

6/25/2011 1:12am,
I'm in north county, Vista / Oceanside area. I don't mind traveling if the gym will let me spar. Let me know if you can workout that deal, I would appreciate it.

6/25/2011 2:36am,
I'll get back to you tomorrow on the boxing gym. That's a hell of a drive for it, though. I was trying to find a place closer for you, but I don't know North County very well. It might be worth it to check out MMA gyms. I know that at The Arena there are boxing classes that spar every day. They teach MMA, but have separate instruction for jiu jutsu, wrestling, muay thai, and boxing. They are $75 a month for unlimited classes. Also, if you feel like checking out the Muay Thai class, you may run into me or my brother.

6/27/2011 12:02am,
Alright, here's a few hits for you:

Oceans Boxing Club
Main St. & Hollister
Chula Vista
The trainer there goes by the name of Luis.
I think it runs about $50-$60 a month.

Gutierrez Boxing Gym
Kostner & Palm
San Diego
Trainer - Max G.
$30 per month

You'll get good instruction, with plenty of hard sparring at either location. Sorry I don't really know anyone further North.

6/27/2011 11:48am,
The old Bullshido Throwdowns in San Diego were at the North County Fight Club near Oceanside/Encinitas. You might want to see if they're still there.