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6/24/2011 3:08am,
My real name is Isamu Morizono and I am Japanese. I am currently a second year psychology student in Sydney. I have no prior experience in any martial arts and never thought of learning until being mugged a few months ago. My friend, Katriona, recently posted a thread asking about boxing clubs for me and I am very grateful for your feedbacks. I am still searching for a school, however, as I heard that boxing is not good for short people. I am five foot five.

Also, thank you to user Pizoff for activiating my account. I look fowards to posting more and I am sorry if my english is bad. English is not my first language.

6/24/2011 3:11am,
Why do you have two accounts?

It is Fake
6/24/2011 3:18am,
Sam knows and it has been addressed.

6/24/2011 3:32am,
Why do you have two accounts?

I don't- this guy is my flatmate and I helped open his account for him on my computer.

6/24/2011 5:45pm,
if your looking for a good self defense style look into some karate like isshinryu or judo etc. boxing alone is not going to properly defend you, and it is more for sport than self defense. I suggest training in several disciplines, to expand you arsenal. for example, if you do take boxing, you should also do kick boxing and wrestling or bjj, that way you have a ood foundation for groundwork and stand up fighting