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6/19/2011 8:42pm,
Mid-Atlantic Karate in Collinsville , VA.

Anyone know of this place ? or trained there ?


6/19/2011 8:49pm,
Welcome to BS, hellome.

I suggest, before we go any further, that you read a few of the stickied threads (they say READ ME in the title) and have a good lurk around.
You've posted this thread in MABS, which is purely for discussion on questionable MAists. I've notified staff and they'll move the thread, so don't make another one, but this probably belongs in newbietown.

If you are suggesting that MAK is a questionable school, then you'll need to provide links, your experience with them and reasons.

If you simply want to know more about the school, again links will be helpful. As will your experience in MA and your reasons for asking.