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6/19/2011 5:53pm,
Hey there. First let me say, awesome website! A no nonsense look at martial arts. Awesome! This is exactly the kind of website everyone needs to go look at when they start in MA. Great stuff! Thank you to all the contributors and staff who make this place as awesome as it is.

A little about me: I'm 30 years old, married with 2 kids. I have a B.S. in Mathematics. My MA experience is very limited. I took 2 years of traditional Wushu and Tai Chi in Seattle back in the 90's before taking about a year of Jeet Kune Do. That was before I joined the military (Navy). For about 12 years now I've been completely out of the MA world and am looking to get back in.

My MA experience is more to the traditional school with less emphasis on sports or self-defense, and this makes me a little confused as to what exactly I want in a new martial arts program. I understand that MA is primarily for self-defense, and a lot of the reviews here seem to be from that perspective. That perspective is certainly a valid one. That being said, I carry a Glock 23 for self-defense, and I view striking someone with my hands or using submission holds to be a last resort to keep me alive.

Now that I've read all the newbie stickies, I'm going to start reading reviews for schools in my local area. Hopefully I'll find the one that perfect for me.