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3/18/2004 6:01pm,
Royce Gracie has been doing seminars around Australia for the last week and yesterday came to Melbourne Australia for a seminar that I had organized.

The seminar was good: We started off with a couple of self-defence techniques - counter to a double-handed grip on the throat, and then a counter to a standing headlock. The standing headlock counter took us to the ground where we worked on attacks from the mount, a counter to the guy defending one of the chokes by taking his back. An armbar from back control, the escape from back-control and some more mount attacks.
We then grappled for half an hour and then had a quick question and answer session at the end. I picked up a few nice things, including a new choke from mount that I hadn't seen before. My only disappointment was that I didn't get to roll with Royce - maybe next time.

Since I was the person organizing the seminar I got to pick Royce up from the airport, hang with him for the day before the seminar, then go out to dinner afterwards, so I got to ask about the fight with Damien Ricci, his thoughts on his fight with Yoshida and other things. Royce is a very funny guy, very polite and a true gentleman.

I should have asked if anyone had any questions and I could have posted his answers on here. If you get the chance to go to his seminars then do it. What he shows isn't flashy, but it is good, high-percentage techniques that can help your game if you're a white belt or a black belt.

3/18/2004 6:03pm,
Thanks for the review.

3/18/2004 10:49pm,
He's up here in August for a seminar. Looking forward to it. :)

3/18/2004 10:51pm,
pretty cool that you got to hang with him for a day

3/18/2004 10:53pm,
He actually stayed at my house, so we got to go out and chat a fair bit. One thing I was surprised at was how small he is - he's only about 78 - 80 kg. I guess it makes his achievements all the more impressive!

3/18/2004 10:55pm,
Royce Gracie crashed at your house ?

Well thats something you don't hear everyday... :)

3/18/2004 11:34pm,

Did his famous Aussie cousin make it to the seminar? :)

3/18/2004 11:35pm,
No, The Liuke Beston was at home in Newcastle.

3/19/2004 12:50am,
Does someone (greese1) have any good Beston material available to commemorate the occasion?

3/19/2004 12:53am,
Originally posted by JohnnyS
No, The Liuke Beston was at home in Newcastle.

Good ole Luca! I miss his wit. Last time I rolled with him, he was complaining to Angela in Portugese that I broke his ankle.

Of course she didn't believe it, Hell, I don't want her pissed at me! Nothing like getting beat up by a Gracie, any Gracie! :)

3/19/2004 12:56am,
He's actually stopped trolling, hasn't done it for a month or so now.

We were talking last night about people saying **** on the internet and Royce said he doesn't care because most of the time the person talking **** is just some kid who likes to stir up trouble and get people upset. I said "Just like Luke" and he laughed and agreed.

3/19/2004 1:07am,
That is too funny! What's sad are most of the idiots who complain about him are the ones he goes after with the "Reverse Trolling".


3/19/2004 1:08am,
doth thou have photos?

3/19/2004 1:10am,
I'm getting some emailed to me on Monday. I didn't take any photos of him teaching though, just the usual fan photos.