View Full Version : I Know from Experience It's a 40 Hour Drive...

6/09/2011 9:02am,
...but I am definitely going here. (http://cf.drafthouse.com/she_texted_we_kicked_her_out2.html)

6/09/2011 10:21am,
When I was a fish out of water Yankee stuck in the desolate wasteland that was Ft. Sam/San Antonio/Camp Bullis I often escaped to Austin to reinvigorate my liberal sensibilities. The Alamo was a cool place for me to see movies that I wished I had the opportunity to see on the big screen(The Last Picture Show, Jaws, and Platoon were just some of the movies I got to see) and to this day remains my ideation of a perfect movie theater.

Snake Plissken
6/09/2011 11:07am,
there is SO much goodness on Sociocide you people are missing......