View Full Version : BJJ off days: supplementary exercises?

6/06/2011 3:50am,
Just started BJJ and I love it

As a novice, I'm doing just 3 lessons per week

My question is:
Could I be doing anything on the off days to supplement my BJJ at this stage, or should I focus on recovery during the off days?

Swimming? Running? Stretching? Yoga? Sleep and relax? S+C?

(is this the right section to ask?)

6/06/2011 1:02pm,
Depends on how your body feels. Some people like to supplement their training with compound weight training exercises as well.

Check out these threads well from BJJ Black belt Jason Scully

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6/06/2011 1:14pm,
If he's just started he's probably not got the coordination and understanding of techniques to be able to get much good out of those exercises Scully shows.

Until he has a couple of stripes on his white belt, probably best to focus on running, stretching and weights.

That's true of basically any combat sport, really.

6/07/2011 12:23pm,
Cheers guys

I'm probably overcomplicating things

I'll keep it simple for now, and just focus on being recovered for the upcoming lessons (lovely mat burns, aching limbs and all!)

6/07/2011 8:52pm,
Definitely take up a strength and conditioning routine on the off days. Way too many bjj dudes neglect their size and strength.