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8/20/2015 10:54pm,
I hope I'm not too late to the party, but I have an emotional need for this to be resolved.

I'm not going to share the methods on this forum....

Making claims in an unfalsifiable manner is annoying as hell. You might be a better fighter than I am, and you might even be smarter, but are you really better and smarter than EVERYONE on this forum?

Here's what really confuses me, though.... You're not really here to teach, and you're not here to learn, and you're obviously not here for comraderie or intelligent debate.... why did you join? Surely not just to publicly self-fellate?

...tai chi is one of the most deadly arts ever devised, but so few are at those levels anymore today.

Ignoring weasel words for now....
Which style of Taiji? There's one that teaches a five point palm exploding heart technique, right? I know one small, older fellow who was at that level, but unfortunately he was poisoned by some one-eyed bitch or something.


Peace be upon you. Allahu akhbar!

But in all seriousness, how do you expect anyone to change their minds if you refuse to provide information out of fear of rebuttal? The worst that can happen is you get a paradigm shift... which might actually be a good thing. The best thing is that you enlighten a bunch of heathens to the sixteen mysteries of heaven and earth and stuff.