View Full Version : Anyone been to Por. Gobgua in Thailand?

6/03/2011 11:15am,
The prices are really cheap and it seems they don't have many farang training there. Definitely not the nicest looking place but what I want to know is... how is the training?

6/03/2011 3:30pm,
I'm also interested in Por Pramuk and Kaewsamrit. I just like Por. Gobgua because there seems to be less tourists and it's MUCH cheaper. Any help is appreciated. I plan on going next year.

6/03/2011 7:21pm,
Most of our posters are from America and Western Europe, with a few N. European/Russian/Aussie posters. I doubt very much you'd have much luck asking after a specific training camp, but you could look around mymuaythai.com or some other such website.

6/04/2011 8:49pm,