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6/03/2011 12:03am,
Hey everyone, long time no post. I know there are some awesome musicians in this forum like bobclumbsyninja, so i just thought id make a new thread for people to share there stuff! Band links, vidoes, whatever, just throw it all in.

Heres the link to my band Rawrly. www.facebook.com/rawrlymusic (http://www.facebook.com/rawrlymusic)
or www.reverbnation.com/rawrly (http://www.reverbnation.com/rawrly)

were are getting ready to go on tour this summer in michigan, new york, massachusetts, and possibly oregon and some other places. And were opening for He is we in a few weeks.

6/03/2011 12:22am,
ericsenn, please don't start multiple threads on the same subject.

The original music thread is here:


6/03/2011 12:23am,
that thread has been dead for like a month, how was i supposed to find it?

6/03/2011 12:27am,
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5/22/2011 5:51pm

more like a week than a month, but you know that thing called google?

(furthermore the thread is on the second page of four)

6/03/2011 12:28am,
Nevermind, im retarded..... sorry you have to deal with my incompetence colin.

6/03/2011 12:33am,
lol! more like take an opportunity to be a forum nazi and direct more people to the thread I started.

Cheers anyway, and your band sounds great, too ^^

6/03/2011 12:37am,
lol its cool, i understand. Im just trying to share my band stuff you know? but ya, i should have put it in your thread. i watched some of your videos, your awesome man!

6/03/2011 1:01am,
Well, if you're coming to Mass, you should let me and the SH band open for you, while you're here. There is already a music thread, but perhaps links here, videos there. It's a shame to waste an opportunity to self-promote. Something I've done very little of here, considering how much I do elsewhere. Shutting up about it, at all, is a Herculean feat, for one such as I.



6/03/2011 1:06am,
lol i know what you mean man. but i listened to your stuff a while ago in that thread colin was talking about and your a sick guitarist singer man, very bluesy. i loved it, ill share you page via facebook if you want, hopefully ill get you a few more likes haha

6/03/2011 1:12am,
and about you guys playing for us, i would love that. but im gonna have to talk to the bands manager cuz he deals with all our booking and tour stuff lol

6/03/2011 2:07am,
of course. Just offering. It would have to jive w/ our schedule too, but who knows?

6/03/2011 2:12am,
for sure, did you check us out yet?