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5/31/2011 12:57pm,
Hello everyone. I am a newbie as well. My name is Nancy and I have been training Jeet Kune Do and Kettlebells for over 4 years with Sigung Paul Vunak and Sifu Harinder Singh. :)

5/31/2011 1:06pm,
What's training with Paul like? He's a knowledgeable and respected instructor, so I'm sure that the quality of instruction is very high.

Omega Supreme
5/31/2011 1:27pm,
LOL....kinda young to be a sigung. When did he start referring to himself as grandpa?

6/09/2011 12:40pm,
@yli Training with him and Sifu Singh is great!

@Omega Supreme I met Paul Vunak through Sifu Singh that's why I refer Paul Vunak as Sigung :)

6/09/2011 12:43pm,
Speaking of Paul Vunak, have any of you heard about his annual retreat in August? This year he is having it at Doheny Beach at Dana Point, CA. :)