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3/17/2004 12:53pm,
Now, first let me start off by saying that I haven't been studying Eceptar for long, but for what I've learned from Grandmaster Robert Elias, I feel pretty confident in my abilities. I've done BJJ for nearly two years, and I did Karate for five years when I was a kid, but nothing compares to the sense of security that Eceptar gives me. It almost makes me humble to look upon the Eceptar curriculum and realize that there is so much more to fighting than just inflicting pain on your opponent.

However, lately, my BJJ partners (including forum member J-Lau) have questioned, going so far as to ostracize me, based on my devotion to my new favorite art. I try to explain to them the complexities of it, yet they will not listen. Any time I try to show them a technique, they pull guard on me and insist that it doesn't work. It's getting frustrating!

So, I pose this to anyone else who has studied Eceptar, have you experienced these kinds of reactions from other martial artists? If so, how did you handle it?

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

Deadpan Scientist
3/17/2004 1:12pm,
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3/17/2004 1:16pm,
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3/17/2004 1:33pm,

3/17/2004 1:40pm,
I think it's related to Mok Mi...

Deadpan Scientist
3/17/2004 1:42pm,

3/17/2004 1:42pm,
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3/17/2004 1:52pm,
1. Nobody knows what the hell "Eceptar" is.
2. It's sorta the basis of this whole site to question the martial arts.
3. You need to explain why it should be accepted if you want it to be.
4. Be prepared to provide video proof of your claims.
5. brandeissansoo's avatar turns me on.

Did I miss anything?

6. WhiteShark's avatar scares me.

3/17/2004 1:55pm,
Yes, Brandeissansoo also needs to provide a link to where he got his avatar. We'll let him slide on posting his own comments, this time ;)

Won Dom Fok
3/17/2004 3:22pm,
Here are my two cents and a couple grains of salt. Many issues in life boil down to loyalty issues. I have taken a few classes at the University of Hard Knocks on how strong this feeling is. I don't know what Eceptar is, but I am sure it is a fine martial art. If your friends perceive that you have switched loyalties, either as to instructors or art, that is the root of the problem. I would recommend that you not talk about Eceptar around them unless they ask. You are not trying to "hide" anything, just showing loyalty and respect. Many people only see the departments of the greater truth, to paraphrase Bruce Lee. If they perceive looking outside the department as disloyalty, then a good friends feelings need to be taken into account.

Beatdown Richie
3/17/2004 4:15pm,
Considering that this is now a team troll, it's still pretty weak.

But, Brand, that jackalope is awesome.

Strong Machine
3/17/2004 5:23pm,
Grandmaster Elias is a BAD man.

Omega Supreme
3/17/2004 5:24pm,
Originally posted by Strong Machine
Grandmaster Elias is a BAD man.

You should spank him then.

3/17/2004 11:25pm,
Grandmaster Elias is actually very very good... and has tapped me out quite a few times. He is something else.

Strong Machine
3/18/2004 12:48am,
Just be happy you didn't die.I always am after messing with that freakshow.

Deadpan Scientist
3/18/2004 12:56am,