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5/19/2011 3:24pm,
My TWD/Kyokushin/Judo/jiu jitsu School (Do San Dojang) is a 10+ We don't use any pads at all starting from White Belt. We toughen up the ribs with 25% power punches. All other Body conditioning is done with the bamboo sword at 50% power. Done just like it's done in Korea! expect the un expected then....WHAAAAAP!!!

5/19/2011 4:13pm,
No, seriously I don't understand anything of whats going on. I understood I was to evaluate my school right, did I mess something?

So I receive a couple seemingly cheap, rude replies to my own schools accurate review, which didn't make any sense to me. Because that's what my training was; ask Steve M. Arce Yourself, Am I missing something here? Help me out here, explain what I did wrong with out any assumptions. Please thank you.

P.S. Well I'm sorry I didn't video tape me but there were three witnesses. Maybe I forgot to mention not everybody in my school is trained this way...IDK I had private lessons...maybe this is why the accidental false-infraction was slapped on me. Isn't anyone innocent until proven guilty anymore?

5/19/2011 4:52pm,
Maybe, WTF he's talking about is what happened...oh no!... could it possibly be? hard training out side of the U.S. which is common practice?

It is Fake
5/19/2011 4:55pm,
No, seriously I don't understand anything of whats going on. I understood I was to evaluate my school right, did I mess something? Yes, you missed something.
The thread you are posting in is Called "HOW DO ALIVENESS" The OP proceeds to tell you how to rate your school. No, this thread is not for you to rate your school.


You are now complaining in a thread that is for informational purposes only.

5/19/2011 5:44pm,
I'm sorry but I can't understand what your trying to say... What does "How Do Aliveness" mean exactly?

Give me an example of what I'm supposed to put, for clearification. Please help me.

Wait a minute, do you mean updated info happening in our school? If so, we have none. Just hard-core training going on.

It is Fake
5/19/2011 5:57pm,
You are not supposed to post a review in this thread. This is a thread telling you how to review the aliveness of your school. All the threads that show your name tell you the rules to follow of each forum.

Unless you are asking a question about the specific rules you do not post in this thread.

5/20/2011 6:31pm,