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3/17/2004 12:17am,
what's a quick, simple, easy escape for a knee ln belly situation ???

the one where I push off the knee doesn't seem to work ...

3/17/2004 12:20am,
push off and immediatly try 'snaking' quick

Deadpan Scientist
3/17/2004 12:21am,
If he has his left knee on the right side of your body, be sure to turn your hips and exhale. The use your right hand to reach out onto the mat, and move your hand like you're waving goodbye to your grandmother, making sure your hand hits the mat each time.

Omega Supreme
3/17/2004 12:44am,
Take farside hand place it on knee, under hook the instep and wrap the heel, hip out to opposite side and corkscrew spin your legs to the ceiling....

I need to show you with pictures.

3/17/2004 12:49am,
Say he's got his right knee on your belly and he's on your right side.
Your left leg comes through under his butt. Your right hand goes over his thigh and hooks behind your left thigh. Roll to your left as you lift with your left thigh.

This is JJ Machado's favourite way of escaping this and is great for no-gi, although it's hard to do if your opponent is significantly heavier than you.

3/17/2004 1:34am,
JohnnyS, I'm a little unclear. If he's on your right side, how do you get your left leg under his butt?

3/18/2004 5:57am,
I like to grab the ankle instead or the inside of the knee and turn into your opponent, make sure to hit the corner, for a decent single leg. But it's all situational, in this situation you must be quick or he can take your back. The other escapes described earlier are also good, if one fails go directly to the other, and so forth.

3/18/2004 2:13pm,
Pushing on the knee is something I try to avoid, though. A skilled opponent will tie up that pushing arm with a figure-four type lock and then it's Roll-Off Armbar Time!

Omega Supreme
3/18/2004 2:34pm,
I like to heel hook/kneebar/sweep guys but you did say simple.

3/18/2004 6:15pm,
You only need to bring your left knee over far enough that you can reach it by putting your left arm under his right thigh and grab the back of your left knee.

Strong Machine
3/19/2004 2:14am,
I stick my far side arm between his legs grabbing for the heel of the foot on the leg that is holding me down.While I do this I turn on my side facing him and get to my knees, as if trying to climb between his legs.This I do for MMA, cause it quickly winds up in a scramble before he can pound on my head.

3/19/2004 3:24am,
I like to lie there and destroy my opponents hands with my face... lol I like to reach up and grab their gi top (if wearing one).. This sets my arm out as a bait, but when the roll back for the armbar, you can roll up with them. Just make sure you bend that arm BEFORE they lock it out.... had to learn that one the hard way.

3/19/2004 5:24am,
Originally posted by shemfu
I like to reach up and grab their gi top (if wearing one).. This sets my arm out as a bait, but when the roll back for the armbar, you can roll up with them.

Been rolling with other muay thai stylists?