View Full Version : Armed man fends off ninja in south carolina

5/05/2011 3:24am,

An armed man who found himself suddenly under attack by a sword-wielding ninja turned the tables on the encounter by pulling a gun.

Not sure if anyone has posted this yet, but I've been here long enough to know the search function sucks.

Tom .C
5/05/2011 6:09am,
The South Carolina Ninja clan is extremely dangerous to themselves. Their battle call is "carefull...you could put your eye out!!!"

Sri Hanuman
5/05/2011 7:16am,
Today on CNN, a tard of ninjers were wiped out during a failed raid on an Atacosa firing range. The cleansing was commensed by 78 year old Ellie May Cordoba and her rossi .38. Despite being highly diabetic, having poor vision, and being plagued with arthritis, Mrs. Cordoba nevertheless saved her beloved pet chihuaua by picking off the slow moving targets.

More at 9.

5/05/2011 7:57am,
LOL, instead of an "Assault Weapons Ban", Clinton should have made an "Assault Ninjer Ban".

Sri Hanuman
5/05/2011 8:02am,
"Assault Ninjer"

No such thing.
Unless they're assaulting these


5/05/2011 10:02am,
From the article :
Guzzo pulled the gun on the ninja when he attempted to slash Guzzo, whom he says did not move with the grace typically associated to ninjas.
“He was like a gazelle that just got attacked by a lion,” Guzzo said. “He got up and fell, and got up and fell. Then he jumped off a cliff.”

I lolled.

Sri Hanuman
5/05/2011 10:11am,
The day a man is attacked in a parking lot by a Jedi, I'll shave my balls and become a monk.

5/05/2011 2:54pm,
Actually, Jedi is a recognized religion in the USA, so that day might just be around the corner.

Snake Plissken
5/05/2011 3:05pm,
stories like these make me sad and shake the foundations of my revenge fantasies.

5/05/2011 3:08pm,
I hope there is a movie made out of this, starring Luis Guzman. For some reason, when I read the statements made by Guzzo, I just hear his voice.

Lu Tze
5/05/2011 3:53pm,
He's lucky this ninjer was only 3rd kyu, at 2nd kyu they learn to dodge bullets.

Then he'd have had to shoot the delusional fucktard and have a death on his conscience for the rest of his life.

5/06/2011 7:02am,
Would have been a better story if it was a one-armed man fending off a ninja and the ninja was still armed with a sword :)

5/06/2011 8:32am,
The one armed guy was in the corner trying to clap for Guzzo.

5/06/2011 5:28pm,
"Guzzo pulled the gun on the ninja when he attempted to slash Guzzo, whom he says did not move with the grace typically associated to ninjas."That sentence gave me brain cancer.