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4/28/2011 9:41pm,
Hello, I'm a noob, as you all know from the pacifier-sucking smileys above my post (we call pacificiers dummies in Australia). Actually when I first visited this website and saw the n00b posts I thought "Hey, that's a really cool line to put above your posts, this person must have a great sense of humour". My next brilliant deduction was "The person with the N00b symbol above his posts seems to comment in threads a lot, and the other posters seem to think he's full of **** and keep flaming him". My final, groundbreaking realisation went like this: "This n00b guy keeps posting under different names and with different writing styles... oh... wait... *extra hard face palm*"

So with a bruised forehead and and an ego to match, I thought I'd introduce myself. I am quite new to martial arts, with a years 'experience' at a mcdojo that scared me away from martial arts until I did some decent karate for a year before I started Muay Thai about a year ago. I'm loving it and I'm hoping to continue to improve.

I incidently stumbled across a book on Kung Fu, that was published in 1977, by David Chow and Richard Spangler in a joint effort with Warner Bros. (that should be the first sign of BS), for those fans of the Kung Fu series who wanted to learn to kick ass like Carradine (or have their asses handed to them by their 8 year old sister, rather). It dedicates over 30 pages to the special techniques/powers/magic/spider senses that were written out in the ancient shaolin text by Wu Toy San Ling Qung, for the dedicated to learn and master. With techniques ranging from killing people by pointing at them, to shrinking your testicles at will, I thought it might be a good enough article to publish quotes from in the forums if someone hasn't already.

As this Wu Toy San Ling Qung actually seems to have existed, I thought that it might make an interesting article on how the misplaced mysticism that so many associate with the Chinese martial arts, is not just a modern phenomenon, but that some of the ancient monks did not necessarily have realistic training methods or techniques either. I wouldn't mean this as a way of insulting Kung Fu practitioners, who I respect (except the ones from mcdojos), but rather to make comments on the issues that effected both modern and ancient martials arts.

Actually, ignore the above paragraph, I just want to explain the amusing process to you of how you may gain the ancient power to draw your testicles back inside your body at the first sign of combat. Interested?

4/28/2011 9:48pm,
We have been getting a lot of good newb introductions lately. Welcome to Bullshido.

4/28/2011 11:57pm,
That was the best no0b intro, I've yet seen. Welcome to Bullshido, JGarland.

Within each forum's thread listing, there are 'stickies' addressed to your screenname, that generally lay out rules, and customs for that sub-section of the site. Moderation ranges from minimal to iron-fist.

The search function up top, is your friend. Write your heart out, and having read the 'stickies', you'll know where to put it. I look forward to reading more from you.

4/29/2011 12:40am,
Thanks for the welcome, guys. I stumbled across this sight barely a week ago, and it seems to have a great mixture of humour as well as serious and helpful discussion. Glad to have joined.

4/29/2011 1:24am,
Good to have you.

If you're interested, there may be a Throwdown (ego-free sparring/training meetup) near you. Look here: http://www.bullshido.net/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=31
you can start a thread on one, if you don't see one planned. They happen all over the world, and we're about to do our sixth, (that I've been involved with) here in Boston.

Please, do review the book. I'm sure it will be funny, and enlightening.

Neil D
4/29/2011 4:49am,
Whoa nice intro man..:)

4/29/2011 6:07am,
Thanks Neil :) To bobyclumsyninja, I had a look for any throwdowns near me (GoldCoast Australia, for anyone from there who is reading), but could not find any currently planned. I would definately be interested in attending one (even if at the very least, it was just to see and learn from some more experienced fighters), but I don't think I'd be able to organise one, at least not while my semester for university is still going. For anyone from south-east Queensland with plans for a throwdown though, I would definately like to attend. Congratulations on your 6th throwdown in Boston though. With this being a very MMA themed website (at least from what I've seen so far), it seems like there would be a very good support base in America for bullshido members looking to meet up.

I was originally worried about doing a book review on a martial art that I had a grand total of one lesson in (I can't rightly say that this place, unlike the first place I trained at for a year, was a mcdojo: but I certainly got the impression that something was wrong when every member of my class knew very little about the application of what they were learning plus the instructors weren't up front about the costs), but from re-reading some of the fighting drills and techniques in this book, I am pretty sure that even my basic knowledge (and by providing quotes from the text) should be able to make for a decent review. Alternatively, I could just post it in the YMAS forum as it might give me a bit more free reign to be less technical in my descriptions.