View Full Version : Anyone heard of James Tennant?

3/15/2004 4:59pm,
Apparently he fought in secret underground fighting tournaments in Southeast Asia for 17 years and never lost, then had some sort of spiritual awakening that led him out. Also, his brain can heal hemmorages by itself.

He's giving a talk near me, and I'm thinking of going.


3/15/2004 5:18pm,
That looks kind of sketchy....

"cosmic consciousness"?!!

Can't find anything else on the 'net relevant to this guy... maybe a name change? I dunno.

3/15/2004 5:23pm,
One thing that bothered me was, if he's in Southeast Asia, why's he fighting underground? There are plenty of opportunities to fight in Thailand for example.

3/15/2004 5:41pm,
He also claims black belt or equivalent ranks in Muay Thai, Aikido, Jeet Kune Do, and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

3/15/2004 6:32pm,
He's full of **** and talking out of his ass.

3/16/2004 12:47am,
Ah yes, another frank dux, how wonderful.

3/16/2004 12:48am,
I knocked out three thousand men in 3 seconds, in one tournament, and hold the world records for everything that anyone can possibly ever hold world records for in the realms of fighting, underground of course.

3/16/2004 12:57am,
Ah! George Tenet is who I was thinking of.


3/16/2004 12:58am,
if a video camera can't film a fight....it's probably cuz it's in your head......

what?! u're hearing voices again?! it must be the "cosmic consciousness" speaking to you. u're a special boy...front of the bus special.

3/16/2004 1:00am,
Keinhaar love that sig, yes "Planet of the Apes: The Musical," one of the simpsons finest moments, I'm actually going to get a robe to walk out the next time I fight that says "Opponent," ala homer vs. drederick tatum.

3/16/2004 1:01am,
"The Chinese Mafia told me that walking away would mean my life," he states. "But I had everything and I had nothing. I was wracked with guilt and physical pain, finally telling them, 'Do what you will. I've had enough.' Miraculously they let me go.

don't sound like how my brothers work. my yellow fellows will **** you up if you walk away and dim sum! cell phone beat downs and machetes bro. it's true! it's in the movies! just like them underground fights!