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DCM Fighter
11/18/2002 12:51am,
Mr. Gautreaux is an old TKD instructor of mine who's school is in Blue Springs, Missouri. I know he's a very talented TKD instructor and compeditor but what do others think of him? I was there for a year and I didn't like their so called self defense techniques. You know, the prearanged techniques against wrist grabs and headlocks and whatnot. Anyone know what they're teaching now? When I went it was Judo, TKD, Hapkido, and last I heard, jumped onto the cardio kickboxing bandwagon not long after I quit about 6 years ago. I know they had year long contracts and charged at least a thousand, or more, I think per year. It's a great school if you want to do olympic TKD. One of the insructors, Terry Gautreaux (Poindexter, Oren and her got married not long after I left), who's a bronze medalist in the '92 olympics. I don't know if they're a McDojo or not. They charge quite a bit I think and they claim to teach self defense when it's just sport, which I do not agree people should do. When I was there they didn't hand out a black belt until four years of study, unlike many schools that gave black belts after about two years. I don't know if that was because Gautraux really wanted to make sure students were worthy of the black belt, or just wanted to string the training along to get more money. What's everyone else's opinions?

11/18/2002 9:50pm,
Mr. Gautreaux is an outstanding instructor and is not to be confused with any such "McDojo's" discussed on this forum. I think he is truly teaching for the love of the art and not the big$. I had an opportunity to train with him after a tournament I went to in his area. He is a very down to earth nice guy. I had a chance to spar with him, it wasn't full-contact, but I got the idea of how good he actually is. I give him a thumbs up!