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4/12/2011 8:08am,
Anybody ever hear of a supposed 10th degree Black Belt, Mike Curl, operating out of Jamestown, Ohio?

4/12/2011 8:21am,
Anybody ever hear of a supposed 10th degree Black Belt, Mike Curl, operating out of Jamestown, Ohio?

10th degree black belt in what style?

4/12/2011 8:27am,
This guy's web page is at 'mike curl karate'....he claims a 10th degree ranking in a style that he created...zen ryu.

4/12/2011 8:27am,
see his web page at mike curl karate; he claims a 10th degree in a style he invented...zen ryu

4/12/2011 8:45am,
10th Degree?


On this page it pretty clearly states that he calls himself a 5th degree in his own style.
Apparently he has a 4th degree (according to his page) with the Kokosh Martial Arts Federation.

Rank System Sensei
1st Dan Tae Kwon Do - 1968 R.A.F. Alconbury, England Received training through government contracts Jhoon Rhee – 10th Degree Shotokan style & Base instructor Master Sgt. Bob Taylor
Black Sash Ko Key Ho (Kung Fu) - Georgia Master Sgt John Johnson
1st Degree Kachido Aikijitsu Master Stevens & Sensei Howard Wilson
1st Degree Shingitai Goshin Jujitsu Master John E. Saylor 1073
3rd Degree Ko Sutemi Seie Kan All American Karate Do Union Head Coach U.S.A. Team Donald R. Madden, PhD. 105279
4th Degree Kokosh Martial Arts Federation Master Tom Manson
5th Degree Zen Ryu Martial Arts Founder & Master Ranked

I imagine that these claims are pretty easy to verify.
If he really has all these black belts, particularly the 4th degree, I don't personally find it distasteful that he's calling himself a 5th Dan in his own system.

To the OP: If this is old, and he has jumped up to 10th Dan on another page, could you please link that new page here?

4/12/2011 9:00am,
A flyer went up on the wall of the Xenia, Ohio YMCA yesterday...it had this guy's name on it, Mike Curl, and it stated his rank as 10th degree Black Belt. I know what his web page says...which confused me and prompted me to ask if anyone had ever heard of this guy. Someone had written on the flyer, 'self promoted' and the words 'out of shape'....

4/12/2011 10:17am,
Hes claiming to be a vet too... as found on

'A free karate class being taught by a family who were taught by a Karate Master in Ohio, Mike Curl. Soke Curl is a committed Christian, Vietnam era Air Force vet and a retired officer of the Ohio Corrections Department. He began offering a karate camp at Butler Springs Christian Camp in Hillsboro, Ohio several years ago. He has taught karate for 40+ years and is allowing the Minnich family to teach this style under his direction. The instructors have their black belts in Zen Ryu, and significant experience in teaching, both in their dojo (school) in Ohio as well as at Butler Springs every summer. '


4/12/2011 11:10am,
Hes claiming to be a vet too...

Actually, this page was not created or maintained by him, it would seem that it was created/maintained by 'Karita Lynn Minnich (Indianapolis, IN) (creator)' as per the sidebar.

8/27/2012 2:30pm,
I know him personally. I received a second-degree blackbelt through his system.

Soke Mike Curl is a tenth degree blackbelt (1 of 7 belts) with a dojo at Jamestown Church of Christ in Ohio and he is a retired vet. He also used to work for Lebanon correctional.

9/30/2012 10:51am,
Soke Mike Curl is a tenth degree blackbeltWho identifies him as a soke? Is he recognized by a sokeship or head-of-family council? If so, which one and who authorizes that body to bestow titles on martial artists?

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