View Full Version : An Ode to Colin's Beard, write a limerick

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7/06/2011 10:33am,
The big bearded bully from Taz,
Knows in wearing the beard that he has
Will get him some flaming, even Rudy was blaming
That beard for him acting the ass.

7/06/2011 10:40am,
To begin a good limerick,
to cadence and rhythm you'll stick.
cause if you just rhyme,
they'll think its a crime,
and poets will call you a dick.

7/06/2011 11:09am,
Codos from San Diego
His skin's orange like day-glo
What they have in a can
Gives him a great tan
But he missed his nether regions below

7/06/2011 1:03pm,
Yli loves krav maga
His groin kicks inspire awe
In native Chinese,
He'll beg and say please
But it won't get him under a bra.