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4/10/2011 7:42am,
I'm planning to train in MMA soon because I feel that my last style(TKD) will not train me efficiently enough for most self defense situations. I believe that a more well rounded training would give me more control over the situation.

And so I've join this forum to gain as much information as possible about MMA.

I want to find a good MMA gym in Ottawa (near OttawaU). So, I've done some searching around this forum, but the material seems to be a few years old. However, it seems that the best ones are/used to be Bushido, Ronin, and OAMA. Does anyone have other good MMA gyms in Ottawa that they can recommend to me?

Thank you for your time.

4/10/2011 7:46am,
Hi ShouBox, and welcome to bullshido.net

Sadly, I'm not able to help with your specific question due to the region-specific nature, but I'm glad you have come to this conclusion about MMA (It's a conclusion shared by the bulk of the regular community)

I'm hopeful someone else here will have a better answer for your question, though.

4/10/2011 12:10pm,
Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts. Don't let the name fool you. It's got the best jiu jitsu, muay thai and mma in Ottawa. Everytime I'm in class , i'm amazed by the level of instructions. There are many people who do mma there as a hobby, amateur and professional fighting and just people that all around like to hang out. No matter what your goals are in martial arts, the staff there will help you obtain the goal.

There are many success stories there as well. I've seen a 230 lb muay thai student go to 170 lbs and now he's fighting in muay thai as well.


4/11/2011 11:45am,
How far from the University of Ottawa are you willing to travel? The standard Bullshido recommendations for Ottawa BJJ (OAMA, Ronin) are in the west end. Therien Jiu Jitsu (Montreal Road location) has BJJ classes which are taught by Ronin instructors that is just across the Rideau River from the U of O campus. I believe there is kyokushin karate at the Patro community centre (off Cobourg) which is walking distance to the U of O. N1 (formerly Bob Carver's Muay Thai) is on Preston - it's Centretown so still reasonably close. I have posted in Newbietown threads answering this question before.

Good luck with it. Feel free to post here again after you've had a chance to drop in and visit some of these schools and let us know how it went.

4/11/2011 12:14pm,
I've decided to go take a look at Bushido, Ronin, OAMA, and N1 after my exam period, and K2 and FIT MMA if feel like it. I'll definitely tell you how it goes. I guess I'll look for MT and BJJ places if the MMA gyms are too expensive.

4/18/2011 3:18pm,
With the exception of N1, any place teaching BJJ and MT will be a MMA gym. And yes, they teach both MT and BJJ at N1.

6/21/2011 4:01pm,
So? What happened? Did you visit the gyms? How were they? What are the prices like?