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4/09/2011 9:03pm,

4/09/2011 9:51pm,
I am going to have to do that with MMA glove and really wack the guy. See if it makes a difference.

4/09/2011 9:56pm,
I think those were lengths of hose. The hose and bullwhip make appearances every once in a while. Never seen a chain, nor does it seem like a very good idea to me.

A mate of mine is from Chille. Over there they have a weapon called the Doto goma.(However that is spelled. Supposed to mean dumb rubber)
It is a peice of hose stolen from a front yard with the ends blocked of and sand poured down the middle.
It is rolled up in their pocket and is a kind of traditional street fighting weapon

4/10/2011 1:03pm,
i think if your going to use a low kick against a knife, maybe just a fast snap to the shin might be the way to go. but for me im just gonna run its a great foot defence.

4/10/2011 1:09pm,
Fucks sake. OP, get real

You Will Fucking Die. holy **** was that a knife or a fucking katana