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4/05/2011 9:41pm,
I may get jumped on my return from spring break, I want to avoid it if I can but he will probably try to sucker punch me if I he can, kinda a showoff brawler everyone says I had about 3 months karate training 8 years ago but for all I know it could have been a Mcdojo. So I have a little training more then him at least, but he has fight experience.

What would be the best way to go about winning this thing if he does? I probably won't get a warning but should I try to distance myself and box him, or should I try to just back him up into a wall? Is the nose worth trying to break if I want to get a chance to get a few power hits in?

The guy is a major ***hole people tell me and say he does the wild haymakers but say he can take a LOT of punishment.

4/05/2011 10:34pm,
This is a slightly odd post, but I'll assume you are serious.

How do you know this guy is planning on jumping you? Is this in a school setting (you mentioned spring break)? If it is, and you have some even semi reliable info then I would talk to the school.

If he does try to jump you, walk or run away if at all possible and call the cops. Seriously, don't try to go Cobra Kai on him, just run. Nobody gets tough guy street cred for taking a beating for no reason, or fighting for no reason for that matter.

Omega Supreme
4/05/2011 11:17pm,
Get a friend and a video camera.

4/05/2011 11:19pm,
Get a friend and a video camera.
http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTyOMxAPz0rN7uKuhd7w_8yJco6gwvJw 3VWIx-cm85goTvoQ9EonA

Just Guess
4/05/2011 11:53pm,
What does this have to do with sparring?

Frank White
4/06/2011 12:04am,
Is there by any chance a japanese handyman who works in your apartment building?

4/06/2011 12:35am,
3 months of the BEST martial arts training 8 years ago would not count for much. Especially if someone can legitimately say that this guy is tough. That means fight experience, which counts for a lot even among untrained dipshits.

A friend and a camera is a great idea. A can of mace might not hurt either. Spray him and run. Sissy move? Yeah, but so is getting your ass kicked.

The Deliverator
4/06/2011 12:50am,
This sounds like a middle school or high school setting where the kids set up some of kind of "fight club" thing to establish their alpha male street cred douchebaggery. BTW kid, the girls think everyone who engages in this sort of thing is a moron but I guess most males have to deal with it. I just remembered one of the kids who was involved in this sort of thing back in the day in my school got his orbital bone in his face broken and suspended from school when engaging in this kind of tamfoolery. And when he got back from suspension his face was still half one huge bruise and all swollen like an alien for like a month.

Anyway, I really like the above suggestion to stay around friends with their cell phone cams ready to shoot. Try to get the guy on tape if he does attack you so you can press charges and get him in trouble legally and hopefully your little pack will keep him away. And if you really think you won't be able to just run away some Boxing training sure can't hurt.

4/06/2011 6:06am,
Not a short term solution but join the wrestling team. Free training and useful skills.

Short term, avoid the idiot and hang with your friends. However I'm sure the young male testosterone overdose will override all the avoid the fight advice that everyone has given.

4/06/2011 6:19am,
Buy a Hammer.

4/06/2011 6:27am,
video camera ALWAYS a good idea.

4/06/2011 6:31am,
So that's 3 members going to be banned for trolling in newbietown.

OP if you want to train in martial arts and live in the USA join the school wrestling team. To avoid getting attacked just avoid situations and places where he could jump you without others and the school authorities being about to intervene and stop the fight.

Prince Vlad
4/06/2011 7:06am,
If you join the wrestling team the other upshot besides learning something useful is that you will know end up knowing a whole load of wrestlers. Let them know that you are taking it up because you are being bullied, generally teams tend to take care of their own.
Of course, trying to get footage of a bully is the best way to deal with them. There are numerous things you can do from there, go to the school authorities, parents, police or even just post it on youtube for all to see. Making a game plan like 'aim for the nose' for a confrontation with a bully is not really a good idea because fights never go the way you expect them to and you will be likely to get beaten up.

4/06/2011 8:28am,
I would join a wrestling team if we had one but its a small school, about 1000 people and the only sports are the basics. Its not some fight club thing or technically bullying but rather this, Ive known a girl for about a year and a half, during the last half of it she likes the "bad boy skater tapout types" well he is bad news he first started datingher by trying to get her drunk for obvious reasons, won't let her talk to a lot of people and so on, well since they met he made her show him all her text messages apparently he was trying to stop he from talking to me, which was part of the reason for her randomly not talking to me, then apoligizing later, and seemingly the more I texted her, now I know why.

So anyway he thinks he is gonna be tough and jump me now, I think in part because I found out what he was getting her to do. I could run yes, but that would pretty much get me a stigma the whole rest of my time in highschool I knew a guy who ran from a equal fight and now he gets bullied a lot, he is a year older, but about 2 inches shorter, and I don't think he is as strong as I am.

I didn't try to encourage him and I will try to walk past him but unless he is just being a loud mouth I will likely get sucker punched, I know the whole left jab, right cross, left hook, boxing style might not be the best so I was wondering what approach I should take to at least not losing until the teachers get there? I am not a bad fighter, I just lack his experience. What I will say is this, there is some sort of "fighters code" which seems to avoid nose, neck and other sensitive spots, I don't want the fight so I have have every intention of breaking the nose but I don't know if that would even do much good as I have not done it before.

4/06/2011 8:48am,
Are you trying to "steal his girl" or just texting to her as a friend?

Assuming you're just being friendly, can't you talk to the guy and tell him there's nothing to fight over?

Keep your wits about you and you'll do better at any rate. You won't learn to fight by the end of the week regardless of what you do. So use your brain.

While you're at it, please learn to use proper punctuation.

4/06/2011 8:52am,
Not trying to steal his girl, just texting her as a friend. Never even comment on her photos, Ive tried talking to him, but he won't believe me, either she is playing games, or he is just a asshole