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4/05/2011 1:45pm,
Not exactly sure where to put this, this does fall under the category of "stupid question" or rather "stupidly did not do the research"

I've bought myself a heavy bag, filled it with rags and sand, and carried it upstairs to my little training room, only to find out...oops. The bag's too big if I hang it off the chains.

So, I'm not sure what to do in this case, shorten the chain? Rig a new chain that's shorter?

4/05/2011 1:50pm,
Unless you live in a stone castle, I'd avoid hanging a heavy bag in my house. Especially upstairs. A swinging heavy bag will tear the hell out of your house without MAJOR reinforcements.

4/05/2011 2:01pm,
What if I strap the bottom down? There is a little hook on for that reason.

4/05/2011 2:26pm,
It's your house. I wouldn't do it.