View Full Version : The Return of the Jorge (to training)

4/05/2011 12:21am,
Okay so I had to take several months off bjj (wasn't exactly a veteran when I left, just a white belt) because of financial reasons. I've started back up, though, (gi and no gi) and I need some advice.

My game: My standup pretty much sucks, but I've also started judo to supplement. My guard passes suck, although my sub defense is decent. Pretty good at side mount. Less good at full. Decent sweeps from guard, terrible subs. I have a sorry excuse of a half guard. My mount escapes are pretty good, but side mount escapes, not so much. Did I miss anything?

Advice Request #1: What should I focus on during sparring? should it be different depending on who it is?

#2: How do I keep from getting all kinds of blisters on my feet? And speaking of feet, am I the only one who can't sit with his feet tucked in? You know, the "correct" way of sitting. My feet stick out, and when I try to tuck them under me, my knees don't appreciate it.

Any advice on the above would be great, as would any advice not on the above.