View Full Version : Secret system can finally be revealed...

4/02/2011 6:18am,
I haven't posted much for a couple of years. This is due to my intense training whereby my instructors have used me, and other students, as crash test dummys for their new lethal street system. They are now ready to unleash this system on the martial arts community...


don't try this at home unless you are like fully insured and are already a well hard established street fighter. Preferably with at least a weeks experience in personal security or doorwork.

4/02/2011 7:27am,
That's excellent, I can't wait to see the next in the series!

4/02/2011 10:37am,
Haha good one i love how the camera didn't get their faces from time to time

4/02/2011 2:11pm,
I was wondering when someone would do a send-up of Andy/Justo/KFM.

W. Rabbit
4/02/2011 2:19pm,
I like how they self-argued their combined street fight experience down from 880 to 680.

The Deliverator
4/02/2011 2:39pm,
LOL. "No you couldn't have shot me there because my kick would have gone through your spine and paralyzed you." Ha ha ha.