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3/14/2004 4:37am,
Here it is:

Notice how Kimo keeps ducking his head being vulnurable to kneeing same mistake I always did till recently. He runs away alot during the biggening also. Bob Sapp keeps dropping his hands when he kicks and sometimes punches and doesn't tuck his sholders when striking but those winding rights are deadly.

3/14/2004 4:58am,
Those last couple punches looked kinda iffy to me. I thoguth strikes to the back of the head were illegal.

Anywho, nice to see Sapp throwing a few techniques besides big looping punches, the man's diversifying his arsenal, but he's still sloppy as all hell. Watching him fight makes me feel like some sort of technical master...... makes me wish I was 6'+ and 350lbs

3/14/2004 10:33am,
It's not THAT courageous. Sapp's just big and strong. He's slow, not technical and tired after 10 secs. A good martial artist should be able to beat him (although he is messing with that law sometimes :s)

Sapp should get his ass kicked like Crocop did, Bonjaski was about to (before the cheating) and Hoost could have done.

3/14/2004 1:33pm,
What? You wanna say he's a good fighter?

3/14/2004 1:52pm,
Didn't Crocrop already knock Sapp out in a fight several months ago?

3/14/2004 1:59pm,
Yes he did. Serves him right.

3/14/2004 3:00pm,
I would like to see the wrestler Big Show fight Sapp. The guy is 7+ feet tall and 501 pounds.

3/14/2004 3:23pm,
cro cop knocked Sapp out in k1, please correct me if I am wrong, but Sapp´s size is a bigger advantage outside k1 where he can do things like pound the guy´s head on the ground.

but anyway, cro cop is way more dangerous than Sapp IMO

3/14/2004 4:23pm,
Originally posted by Osu
It's not THAT courageous. Sapp's just big and strong. He's slow, not technical and tired after 10 secs. A good martial artist should be able to beat him


the people he fights are "good martial artist(s)"

3/14/2004 4:24pm,
Originally posted by Osu
What? You wanna say he's a good fighter?

He knocks good fighters out all the damn time.

Yes I think it is safe to say he is a good fighter. Certainly he may be lacking technically but in this case that is irrelevant.

3/14/2004 4:25pm,
Which is why they should beat him and I'm convinced that they could have done that more often.

3/14/2004 4:27pm,
coulda woulda shoulda got beat the **** down.

he is huge. he can absorb a lot of punishment. he can stagger about anyone with a single punch. get a clue. size does matter.

His beating quality fighters, or at least quality martial artists that would slaughter most everyone here is a fluke?

Your awakening is going to be painful.

3/14/2004 4:40pm,
Osu, do you know any one person that could beat any of the following people:

Akebono (ok maybe on this one but I doubt it)
Kimo Leopold
Ernesto Hoost (x2)
Cyril Abidi

Yoshi Yamamoto
Kiyoshi Tamura
Yoshihiro Takayama
Stefan gamlin
and Dolgorsuren Sumiyabazar

Then also put Nog in the hospital after a losing effort.

I don't and I've met some pretty technical people.

serious harm
3/14/2004 4:41pm,
I hadn't seen that fight yet, but everyone who had was telling me about it. It was a pretty cool fight. Thanks for posting it. I heard Tyson ran into the ring afterwards or something though. It was an awesome fight, but on the other hand it did suck compared to some K-1 or even other fights. Power can count as demonstrated here, by BOTH fighers

3/14/2004 4:59pm,
LMAO thanks!

serious harm
3/14/2004 6:19pm,
My favorite part of the fight was when Kimo was winning , but then he literally ran into Bob Sapps punch